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Terex – Product Launch Case Study

Terex were looking for a versatile venue that could provide a wide range of meeting and break out spaces as well as outdoor space that could handle large machinery (two 8.5 tonne diggers!) for an experiential event with international delegates. They wanted a unique venue with wow factor that could host everything on one site and in close proximity.


Over 120 delegates from all over the world attended with many delegates requiring two sets of translation devices. The unique design of the venue allowed the latest translation technology to be used, creating a solid solution that provided live translation to a variety of languages. This also included translation throughout the live product launch in the Warehouse. Many of the International delegates arrived at Birmingham International Airport and took Midlands transfers taking around 30 minutes.

We were delighted to partner with Mythe Barn for our first event for Terex. Our clients were absolutely delighted by the event, and this was very much down to our team being able to work collaboratively with Mythe Barn.



We feel that the best events are always delivered when you partner with the right venues that share your passion for excellence and customer delivery and Mythe Barn certainly helped deliver this. Post event, our key client thanked us for delivering an incredible event which has helped forge great relationships as we move forward in helping with their 2013 event programme. We will certainly be partnering with Mythe Barn again and actively seek clients where the venue would be a match.