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Key Trends for Conferences and Events in 2020

Conferences and events are ever evolving to meet the needs of your attendees and keep everyone engaged and inspired. As a conference and meeting venue, we have to keep track of what our clients want, to make our space part of the best experience possible for all attendees. That’s why we’ve researched the top trends as we move into 2020. Here’s our top 5.

Wellness and Mental Health

Wellness and Mental Health continue to be a big focus in 2020

As the world of business gets busier and pressure rises on employees and business owners alike, we will continue to see a huge rise in conferences and events that consider attendees mental health. Its been a big focus in 2019 and will only become a bigger focus as we move into 2020. As event organisers have to take into account the environment and spaces to refresh, its important to consider venues that offer plenty of break-out spaces. Here at Mythe Barn, we are surrounded by beautiful countryside which works well for taking 15-minute walking breaks or breather sessions between meetings. There are also plenty of quiet areas for attendees to take 5 minutes if they begin to feel overwhelmed. Our rural location, away from the bustle of the city, means your attendees feel more relaxed and focused on the meeting and the farm surroundings and wildlife help create a feeling of peace.

Focus on “Bleisure”

“Bleisure” is the combination of Business and Leisure

Continuing from the wellness and mental health trend, 2020 will see a new focus on “Bleisure” travel. As conference goers start to take into account the mix of business and leisure when attending events, it’s important to strike the right balance between the two. Attendees now see conferences and meetings as ‘mini-vacations’, a chance to get out of the office and refresh their focus on their priorities. We have the benefit of being surrounded by beautiful countryside at Mythe Barn and have our own on-site accommodation, meaning you can make your conference a multi-day event that incorporates team building and networking opportunities.

Personalised Experiences and Customisation

Conferences in 2020 will offer attendees a choice in how the day runs

As events evolve, event venues need to be adaptable to evolve with them. Conferences now offer attendees a choice of how the day runs for them, with different talks or experiences happening across several rooms. This gives your attendees a more engaging experience, with them picking which parts of the conference they’re ready for at different times. Mythe Barn makes a great space for this type of event, with several rooms to set up in and exclusivity of the venue. Our events team can also help you make the most of your event, with a wealth of knowledge as to what works best in the different spaces and the ability to work with your themes and objectives.

Focus on Plant-Based Diets

There is an ever growing demand for vegetarian and vegan menus

Recent years have seen a focus on what we eat and how it affects our planet. With this in mind, there is a big demand for vegetarian and vegan menus. Making sure your conference offers catering choices for all dietary requirements is a must and choosing a venue with in-house catering makes this much easier. Our catering team at Mythe Barn source local, fresh ingredients to meet all your attendee’s requirements. They can work with you to create a bespoke menu that has something for everyone, keeping sustainability in mind the whole way through.

Creative Experiences that Stick in your Attendees Minds

Consider things like conference energisers, team building and AV to add something extra to your event

A key part of conferences and events is making sure your attendees take away all the important bits you need them to. The best way to do this is to be creative with your events, considering things like conference energisers, team building and AV to add something extra that will stick with everyone who attends. As we move into 2020, events with a difference will be a key focus in making sure your conferences and meetings stand out. Corporate events company Eventurous are situated at Mythe Farm and work closely with us on activities that will make your event different and engaging. From outdoor country pursuits to 15-minute ice breakers, incorporating different activities in your day will ensure everything runs smoothly and attendees stay inspired and refreshed, ready to contribute to the meeting.

Keep attendees inspired and refreshed

More Trends We Love

  • Minimal decor – Blank spaces are perfect for creating bespoke events that fit your themes and objectives
  • More interactive, personal experiences – Things like team building will be on the rise as attendees look for a more face-to-face experience
  • Sustainability – The health of our planet continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds. You can read about our sustainability efforts here

The key takeaway from all of the trend reports we’ve researched, is that events and conferences will focus on moving away from the standard, business heavy format and towards making them more of an experience for attendees. Contact us at Mythe Barn, to see how our unique venue can cater for your event and make it a great experience for everyone involved.