Here at Mythe Barn we are surrounded by wonderful countryside, which we want to protect for future generations to enjoy. We all know that the environment is precious, so we thought we’d do our bit.  In 2007 we planted 12,000 trees over 20 acres to help offset our carbon emissions. In 2015 we completed work on installing 12kw solar PV system. The 500 solar panels will produce more electricity than will be needed at Mythe Barn, resulting in the surplus green energy being fed back into the grid. As well as this, we have planted wildflower meadows and reinstated historical hedges, as well as planting new ones.

We also ensure that we do the small things. Office procedures include minimising paper and ink use, switching off electrical items when not in use and closing external doors to prevent heat loss. 

In addition to the above, our on-site catering team source local ingredients to support local, sustainable providers and cut food transportation emissions. Plus, we also have a zero landfill policy on all waste. 

We take environmental responsibility seriously, and we help you reach your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.