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Mythe Barn Wins ECOsmart Sustainability Award

Leicestershire based conference and wedding venue Mythe Barn is celebrating ten years, over 1,000 marriages and a milestone in their sustainability journey.   

Mythe Barn is based near Atherstone in the picturesque village of Sheepy Magna. Owners Joanna and Joe Garland converted old farm buildings into a luxury wedding and corporate events venue, with a strong focus around sustainability.  

Director Joanna said: “We took over the family farm in 2005 and spent a few years considering what to do with the majestic barn buildings which were no longer in use. Weddings and events seemed to be the right direction due to the layout of buildings and 150 acres of surrounding countryside.” 

“Mythe Barn is a labour of love to us and it’s heart-warming to be involved in creating memorable experiences for so many people, whether that be those in a couple or a team of professionals. We’ve won a host of awards during our time here and we will continue to devote ourselves to keep it up there as one of the best venues in the Midlands.” 

The couple say they have had some incredible events held over the years, from automotive reveals for high end car companies – including driving the vehicle into the barn – to a pop-up Italian restaurant when eatery Zizzi held an event there.  

But the venue is best known for weddings and is hoping to lead the way with their impressive environmental values particularly following their recent Silver ECOsmart award given by event and hospitality sustainability specialists – Greengage Solutions.  

Andrew Perolls, CEO at Greengage says: “Over the years Mythe Barn have implemented some impressive initiatives which show that sustainability is a priority at their venue.”   

Sustainable Events

Custodians of the land – Joe and Joanna Garland – began their journey to become greener over a decade ago and have since saved enough carbon emissions to equate to 9,000 trees being planted, thanks to numerous solar panels on site.  

Local biodiversity is also something the pair feel passionate about, from beekeeping to 12,000 new trees and a wildflower meadow on site, the farm is home to some remarkable ongoings.  

Joanna said: “Living in a rural community, the environment has always been a focal point for us and we are proud of our mindful team who share these values. Being certified an ECOsmart venue has given us the tools and the drive to take our sustainability approach to the next level and be able to provide a credible venue in the midlands for the growing number of eco-conscious brides and event planners.” 

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