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5 Unique Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

‘Personalised experiences and customisation’ is one of the big trends in corporate events this year. Whether you’re planning a team building exercise or day of talks to launch your next big product, it can be tough to work in that personal element that will really get your delegates engaged. We’ve had a look into some different ideas, both new and tried-and-tested, to help get that inspiring event ticked off your to-do list.

1. Christmas period one of your busiest times? Try a big staff Halloween party instead of the traditional Christmas party!

It’s always tough when you have to push back the Christmas party into January or even February due to being super busy in December. The holiday spirit has often long gone and what should be a fun, themed party to reward your staff for all their hard work can become flat in the dreary post-Christmas blues. But who says staff parties have to be for Christmas? If Christmas doesn’t work for your company, why not consider a big Halloween bash to get everyone having a good time and letting their hair down in silly costumes. Drape your venue in false cobwebs, dim all the lights, put together your best Halloween playlist and sip on spooky-themed cocktails. October is a great time for a rewarding event, as the weather is still mild, it’s the start of a new quarter and it leaves staff feeling motivated for that busy run-up to Christmas!

Our favourite ideas:

  • A pre-dinner pumpkin carving competition
  • A movie theatre breakout room playing classic Halloween films
  • A prize for the best costume!
If Christmas doesn’t work for your company party, why not consider a big Halloween bash?

2. Looking for a more exciting way to showcase your latest product than the usual big staff meeting? How about an exhibition-style event with stands and breakout talks?

When you’re launching a new product or service, it can be difficult to get across all the information in a way that keeps everyone taking everything in. It’s a well-known fact that information is easier to retain when given in bite-sized chunks rather than all at once but when you only have a day to get everything across, how do you make this work? An exhibition style format can work perfectly for this. Make use of all the space in your venue by having stands and talks set up in different rooms that delegates can wander between at their leisure. You could have scheduled talks from key individuals in one room, stands where people can try or see the product/service in another and a meeting room with more key players available to guide people through everything and answer any questions. If the product is something that needs to be seen in action, how about a live demonstration every hour?

These corporate and educational elements can also be interspersed with some more relaxed elements to make the day more social. How about a miniature café-style set up where colleagues can network over a hot drink, some interactive puzzle games designed to test their new-found knowledge of your product/service or an ice-breaker activity to start the day and get everyone in the right frame of mind?

Our favourite ideas:

  • A conference treasure hunt, where each delegate is given a themed sheet of questions and answers can be found in different areas of the event or by talking to key people
  • ‘Campfire sessions’ where delegates can ask key players questions in a relaxed, informal session
  • A big end-of-conference quiz to test everyone’s knowledge in a fun and competitive way
Make use of all the space in your venue by having stands and talks set up in different rooms

3. Need something luxurious to reward staff? How about a gourmet dining experience with an enchanted woodland theme?

Imagine walking into a foyer lined with blossom trees, strung with fairy lights that gleam in the dim lighting. You’re handed an exotic cocktail and choose a canape from the tantalising selection offered to you. You talk amongst your colleagues to the soundtrack of a live band or string quartet, before being shown into the dining room. The tables are decorated with huge centrepieces and lit with candles and tea lights and you find your seat. You’re then taken through a taste experience like no other; a gourmet menu, featuring the finest foods and drinks served in spectacular style with a live magician performing unbelievable tricks between courses.

Sound intriguing? Why not consider a fully themed evening, with venue dressing, entertainers and a gourmet menu prepared by our skilled onsite caterers. Food is served with real showmanship and Mythe Barn is a magical place in the evening. It’s the perfect way to reward hard-working staff for meeting key targets or celebrating a particularly successful year. We’re always happy to discuss bespoke menus and can recommend great suppliers to manage your entire event.

Our favourite ideas:

  • Exciting live entertainers such as magicians, dancers and actors
  • Full event theming, transforming the venue into an enchanted woodland
  • A photo booth area or selfie backdrop so guests can document the evening
Why not consider a fully themed evening, with venue dressing, entertainers and a gourmet menu?

4. Want a day to motivate your team and reward their supportive families? Try a Family Fun team building day.

If mentioning the words ‘Team Building’ is met with exasperated sighs and eye rolls, you’re not alone. With years of bad team building activities executed by well-meaning managers giving Team Building a bad rep, its difficult to get everyone on board. Luckily, team building has been given a new lease of life in recent years, with lots of fun, engaging activities based on everything from nostalgic tv shows to technology-enhanced events.

One of our favourite events to gain popularity is the Family Fun Day. Family Fun Days are the perfect way to get your guests and their families together, chatting amongst themselves, creating new bonds and having a great time. With a range of funfair stalls, fairground rides and inflatables, there’s something for all ages and abilities. Bring everyone together in a relaxed environment that helps build morale and create lasting memories.

Our Favourite Ideas:

  • Giant inflatable pub games
  • A kid’s area with clown and children’s entertainers
  • Corporate bunting and flags in bright colours to decorate the event
One of our favourite events to gain popularity is the Family Fun Day

5. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate your CSR (corporate social responsibility) goals into your next event, we’ve got lots of options here at Mythe Barn!

We all want to do our bit for charity and the environment. Here at Mythe Barn, we aim to be sustainable and we’d love to help with your CSR goals at your next event. There are lots of fun team building activities we can host onsite, such as a charitable version of Crazy Golf, where you and your delegates can create fun golf courses with tinned goods that can then be donated to foodbanks and homeless charities. Want to help save the bees? Try a Plan Bee team building activity, where delegates can participate in exciting challenges. Produce your very own company beehive, from which you can harvest real honey and we can even maintain it at our farm for you.

These team building activities can all be incorporated within a sustainable conference or meeting. Our green energy is created by 500 solar panels and we have a zero-landfill policy on all waste. The on-site catering team source local ingredients to cut food transport emissions and support local, sustainable providers. Why not have notebooks printed for your event on recycled paper using green inks? Or hold a raffle for your guests, where all the proceeds go to your chosen charity?

Our favourite ideas:

  • A ‘dress down’ conference, where everyone donates a pound to dress in casual clothing for the event
  • A bake sale break, where delegates can purchase homemade cakes in their coffee break, giving all proceeds to charity
  • Branded, re-useable takeaway cup giveaways for attendees, to help cut single-use plastic and keep them refreshed throughout your meeting
We all want to do our bit for charity and the environment