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PMAS – Leadership Programme Case Study

The PMAS Leadership Team had developed new corporate values that were aligned to their strategic and cultural change programme. Requiring activities that focused on these values to draw out key learning, our challenge was to design an activity that did all this, yet was stimulating and fun too! This was to be followed by a meeting day to embed the learning and discuss the strategic development .

Utilising the our Pavilion Marquee and extensive event field, the PMAS team arrived to a sumptuous buffet lunch whilst individual leaders received the briefing for the activity. The Courtyard, Oak and Cart Barns hosted day two for the team, utilising the breakout space to great effect.

Thank you to Andie and the team at Garlands Leisure, we had a fantastic day where you helped us to bring our values to life during a varied afternoon of activities. Your team were fantastic in not only facilitating the activities but also looking after us on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year! Throughout they maintained their professionalism and enthusiasm and the leadership team had a great experience as a result. It was not only great in helping us to relate to our values more deeply but was also great fun. I would highly recommend Garlands Leisure for their facilitation of Leadership events and Mythe Barn for being a lovely venue with great service.